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Image by Jess Bailey

my background

I have been working on computers since I was 4 years old! I kid you not (ask my Dad). My first programme was 'Miss Piggy's dating programme' on a Sinclair ZX81. You'll be pleased to know my skills did develop a lot further than that. I have consulted with my Dad's Computer Business setting up systems and teaching customers how to use computer programmes since I was 11.


I developed my skills further at University and beyond incorporating my design and marketing degrees. I attended the University of Otago & Iowa State University graduating with Masters in Marketing and Advertising, following Bachelors in Commerce (hons) and Consumer & Applied Science (Design).

I went on to work in Sydney in product design, Auckland (NZ) in Advertising and London/Leeds in Advertising and Promotions for large National retailers. 

Since having a family I have developed my own businesses and worked with local charities & schools.

Using my experience across multiple sectors I now assist small businesses develop their marketing platforms - incorporating a website, social media platforms & point of sale media - all easily managed from their mobile phone and/or laptop. 

I also consult for businesses looking to develop ideas beyond the square.

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