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My dream clouds has arisen from my passion to explore one’s dreams, empower them, express the power inside the individual. I believe that everyone has a power hidden deep inside – there are so many ways to express them – I love super heroes. Super heroes are often seen as fiction, made up. However these characters arise from the need for people to express their hidden desires, their fears.

Toddlers are amazing to watch as they have few fears, love to express themselves through play, dressing up, actions, drawings. As they grow they learn more, develop fears, start ‘fitting in with expectations’ from parents, teachers and peers. I feel they shouldn’t lose grip of their dreams, their creative expression, their inner powers.


By the time we reach adulthood our fears become oh so real. We hide behind screens, we adapt to our environment – where do our ‘powers’ lie? We are happiest when we pursue those dreams, follow our passions.


My inner power is a love of helping others, creating colourful inspirational designs. I also have a passion for rainbows – I love the colours, the magic.


Thus - 

I create bespoke items – super hero capes, utility belts …

I sell products I find that I adore and want to share this passion...  

I conduct bespoke creative workshops for children and adults...

I perform creative, marketing, promotional consultancy services...

and I also sell Naturally based products (Vegan, cruelty-free) with proven results.

The skies the limit.. always pursuing the next creative venture. Enjoy my site.

Kirsten x

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