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Image by Jess Bailey


I started clouds downunder back in 2008, whilst my children were tiny, making and selling my home wares and children's products. My Mum taught me to sew before I started school. Playing with buttons, wool, notions and fabrics for as long as I can remember. I  pursued my love and won several design awards then later Design and Marketing/Advertising degrees.


One of my passions has been to make things for friends and family - every Christmas my family received my 'latest project'. They cheered me along and would say 'you need to sell these' but I never had the confidence to. The second passion has been to help people. To teach people how to sew, to create, to use computers and now how to find their inner powers and ways to express themselves.

So I started teaching people different skills - and working with children to show them how to express themselves through different media. Some examples:

  • I have worked with military children making poppies, murals and painting stones.

  • Lead a stepping stones workshop with KS1 children for a Reflection garden

  • KS1 workshops teaching felting straight from sheep fleece, washing, carding, dyeing to final felting pictures and balls

  • Batik workshops and tie dyeing for Primary age (KS1 and KS2)

  • Textures and nature workshops with Nursery children.

  • Lego workshops - teaching how to follow instructions and freeflow creating.

  • Taught others to use sewing machines and confidently create end products - bags, curtains, cushions, clothing.

I love working with children and have worked in governing positions with nurseries and primaries for the last 14 years, as well as creative and organisational roles. I have all my screening checks up to date.

Please contact me to discuss any workshop ideas and I look forward to creating with you soon.​

Kirsten x

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